The Wedding Planning Game-Changer!

There is a wedding planning hack that may not be as complex or ground-breaking as you would think! There is often power in simplicity.

Many couples jump with two feet into the deep end once they decide it's time to begin planning, and then quickly find themselves in over their heads with all of the details, orders, and correspondence flooding their laptops. In today's society it quite literally takes just a click of a button to get all kinds of balls rolling.

Before doing that, consider this tip first. Create a wedding Gmail account through Google. It's free and takes only a few minutes to do. Many couples have found great success in creating a wedding-specific email that can be shared between the both of them. For example, you can create an email such as "" and set a shared password. There are 3 ways this will prove helpful:

All vendor back-and-forth communication will be centralized to one place. Meeting times and links will be easy to find, as well as contracts and paperwork needed from each vendor. This also allows the couple to both always be in the loop with pertinent information, instead of having to inform one another of different emails received to their personal addresses.

Amazon saves the day for so many weddings! As far as online orders go for the big day, using this email to make purchases, collect receipts, and gather delivery times will help you in your search efforts as the months of planning go by. You can create folders for different e-commerce websites and even split into sections of the wedding such as "Reception Supplies". This is useful as you will want to check to see what orders have arrived and what you're still waiting on.  There's no worse feeling than not knowing if something has arrived yet and then having to search through hundreds of non-wedding related emails.

Many wedding websites such as The Knot will allow you to track RSVPs automatically through their website, however you can also have them push the RSVPs to your email as they come in. This way you will know in real-time when one comes in instead of having to log into the website to see updates. This especially proves very helpful for keeping on top of your venue's final RSVP deadline to find the guests you need to follow up with. Having RSVP emails all in one place is convenient and quick!

You will quickly find in wedding planning that any small amount of saved time is GOLD and creates more energy for planning the fun stuff. Don't let organization drain you. Get that wedding email started and watch time be given back to you!


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