You're Engaged! Now What?

Engagement is one of the most emotionally charged moments you’ll have in your life. So you’ve video called your family and friends, you’ve re-read the facebook comments more than a few times, and spent every night before bed accidentally staring at the new piece of shiny hardware on your finger. You may be finding that you’re ready now to jump in and start planning!

While pinterest boards and instagram inspo is fun and gives you some aesthetic glimpses into what you may want for your own wedding, these two things will help you kick off your planning in a calm, organized and systematic way:

There may have been some talk with one another during dating about preferences or hopes and dreams for your wedding one day, but once you're engaged it’s now become real and feelings can change! It is of the highest importance to be on the same page as your fiance before any of the planning even begins. Setting aside some time upfront to communicate will prevent unknown opinions from being uncovered later in the planning process once deposits have been made and expectations have been set. Try to keep these conversations very high-level. Some discussion points many bride and grooms find helpful are:     

      - Size of wedding     
      - Style of wedding       
      - Location of wedding     -
      - General time, season, or months of wedding

Yuck, budget is such a trigger word for most. But if you can nail one out right away and come to an agreement, it will actually create so much freedom while planning the details later! Here are some major things to consider when setting your budget:

       - Contributors (Who will help pay for the wedding?) 
    - Bride and Groom preferences (Does the groom care mainly about food; is the bride's priority her dress)

Determining general wedding details as well as what the couple really cares about in regards to the actual wedding day will help in creating rough estimates on how much to spend on aspects such as the venue,  photo/video, flowers, food, music, and beauty.

Vision and budget are less restrictions of what you can’t do, and more permission for what you CAN do! Now that you've done the hard work of defining these two things, you’re ready to get down and dirty with all the fun details! 


1. Vision Cast with your Fiance

2. Budget

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